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GORENJE DK63MCLI Freestanding wall decorative cooker hood


Manufacturer: Gorenje
Model: DK63MCLI
Colour: Cream

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Product Summary

With an elegant ivory finish, this built-in single oven from Gorenje would perfectly suit a traditional style kitchen. This large, 67 litre multifunctional oven offers more ways to cook, including fan grilling, which is perfect for roasting joints of meat. By using the fan to circulate intense heat from the grill, this setting gives food a deliciously crisp topping whilst sealing in flavours and moisture. Once all the cooking is done, the AquaClean function uses steam to loosen any tough, burnt on food so cleaning becomes effortless.

Key Facts


P.A.S. System
Smart, targeted air extraction with less noise
Innovative perimetric aspiration system (P.A.S.) directs its extraction power to the edges. This approach reduces energy consumption and noise at the same time. As a result air extraction is considerably more silent and efficient.

Halogen lighting
In addition to improving ambient surroundings in your kitchen, Gorenje hoods are also designed to ensure the optimal illumination of your hob. Some models come with classic light bulbs, while more advanced hoods feature modern

Re-circulating hoods
Re-circulating hoods draw in steam and odour saturated air through a filter, then returning the treated air into the kitchen. If ducting for extraction is not possible, then recirculation may be another option. In this case

Noise level
More power with less noise
In today’s homes, the kitchen is a new focal point, which in turn has focused attention on noise levels produced by cooker hoods. Over the last few years, the capacity of hoods has increased significantly, and sound-absorbing

Useful tips
• Remember to switch the cooker hood on before starting to cook, as this maximises the hood’s capacity.
• Leave the cooker hood running for another 15 minutes once you have finished cooking to remove the last few traces

What capacity do you need?
What sort of capacity should a new cooker hood have? This depends largely on the size of the kitchen. A good rule of thumb is that the hood should be able to replace the air 10 to 20 times per hour. For instance, if a kitchen



Freestanding wall cooker hood

Venting with air extraction or recirculation

Energy class: D

Material of housing/chimney: varnished steel / varnished steel

Colour of housing/chimney: ivory / ivory
Lightning efficiency class: F

Grease filtering efficiency class: E

Fluid dynamic efficiency class: D

Maximum extraction rate by extraction operation: 621 m³/h

Maximum extraction rate by recirculation operation: 545 m³/h

Venting tube diameter: 15 cm
Air flow by extraction version, step 1: 218 m³/h

Air flow by extraction version, step 3: 469 m³/h

Air flow by extraction version, step 4: 621 m³/h
Mechanic control

Control setting: Button control

Number of speed positions: 4
Lamp type: Halogen

On/off light switch

Number of lights: 2

Power of lights: 40 W

Perimetric suction
Filter material: Aluminium

Coal filter code (optional as separate purchase): 180177

Washable grease filter

Number of motors: 1

No return airflow flap: 150 mm
Max. noise level: 65 dB(A)re 1 pW

Height: 310 mm

Min. height of the chimney: 590 mm

Max. height of the chimney: 830 mm

Annual energy consumption : 146.3 kWh

Dimensions (W×H×D): 60 × 31 × 50 cm

Dimensions of packed product (W×H×D): 68 × 70 × 48 cm

Net weight: 17.6 kg

Gross weight: 20.4 kg

Connection rating: 280 W

Nominal current of fuse: 10 amp

Code: 473193