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Beko 1200 Spin 6kg Washing Machine


Manufacturer: Beko
Model: WMC126W


Product Summary

For smaller households, this Beko washing machine is perfect. It’s affordable and energy efficient, with all the features you need to make the laundry a little less stressful.

Perfectly Practical                 
The WMC126W has a 6 kg drum capacity. At the smaller end of the scale, it’s a great way for couples to get an efficient, money-saving wash.

Its spin speed of 1200 rpm leaves just 53% of moisture in your clothes once it’s done. Drying – whether you prefer the tumble drier or on the clothes line – is so much quicker.

Beko have also included a handy time delay feature. Programme it to begin a wash 3, 6 or 9 hours later and make the most of cheap overnight electricity rates. It’s also perfect for ensuring you don’t leave wet items sitting in the drum all day while you’re out.

Key Facts

Beko 1200 Spin 6kg Washing Machine

Plenty of Modes
With 15 programmes to choose from, there’s a button for every type of load. Choose the 40oc or 60oc Cottons cycles for a great all-rounder, or the specialised Wool mode to take extra care with your knitwear.

The Time Saver programme will wash a full load in half an hour, while the Xpress Super Short option will clean a small 2 kg load in just 14 minutes. Say goodbye to those mornings where you have nothing to wear.

Indicator lights let you know how your clothes are doing, so you’ll never waste time waiting for the washing machine to finish.

Efficient Washing
This model is in the A+ energy class – that’s one of the best available. It’s been given an A for washing and a B for spin-drying. In terms of running costs, that’s around £30 a year in electricity when based on an average price of 15p per kWh. There’s no need to hesitate when putting a load on.

The WMC126W uses the cold water supply, so it only heats the water it needs. Water consumption is pretty low, too, at just 8800 litres a year.

This neat little washing machine is perfect for couples and small families. Save money with every wash – order yours today.


Beko 1200 Spin 6kg Washing Machine

Manufacturer Beko PLC
Brand Name Beko
Product Model WMC126W
Product Name 6kg Washing Machine with Flexible Programming and Time Saver Programme
Product Type Washing Machine
Technical Information
Washing Load 6 kg
Number of Modes 15
Time Delay 9 Hour
Water Supply (Cold/Hot) Cold
Spin Speed Option Variable
Energy & Performance
Energy Efficiency Class A+
Energy Consumption per Year 194 kWh
Energy Consumption per Year (60° C Cotton Programme @ Full Load) 1.01 kWh
Energy Consumption per Year (60° C Cotton Programme @ Partial Load) 0.82 kWh
Energy Consumption per Year (40° C Cotton Programme @ Partial Load) 0.64 kWh
Power Consumption (Off-mode) 250 mW
Power Consumption (Lefton-mode) 1.35 W
Water Consumption per Year 8800 L
Washing Performance Class A
Spin-drying Efficiency Class B
Maximum Spin Speed (rpm) 1200 rpm
Remaining Moisture Content 53%
Programme Time (60 °C Cotton Programme @ Full Load) 2.67 Hour
Programme Time (60 °C Cotton Programme @ Partial Load) 2.17 Hour
Programme Time (40 °C Cotton Programme @ Partial Load) 2.17 Hour
Noise Level Washing (dB(A) re 1 pW) 59 dB(A)
Noise level Spinning (dB(A) re 1 pW) 72 dB(A)
Built-in Installation No
Physical Characteristics
Height 85 cm
Width 60 cm
Depth 45 cm
Weight (Approximate) 62 kg

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