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Dyson BALLANIMALNEW Ball Animal Upright Vacuum Cleaner - Silver

  • Additional InformationFiltration: 99.97% to 0.3 microns
  • BluetoothNo
  • Depth38.6 cm
  • DysonBall
  • FeaturesBagless, 9.4M Cord, 1 Power Level, 12 Cyclones, HEPA Washable Filter
  • Height (cm)105.8 cm
  • Key Feature 1Bagless, 9.4M Cord
  • Key Feature 21 Power Level, 12 Cyclones
  • Key Feature 3HEPA Washable Filter
  • Number of Power Levels1
  • Shipping Depth29.4 cm
  • Shipping Height92.6 cm
  • Shipping Weight9.76 kg
  • Shipping Width29.4 cm
  • Weight7 kg
  • Wi-FiNo
  • Manufacturer Guarantee1 year
  • EAN5025155069653

Transform your vacuuming experience with Dyson BALLANIMALNEW upright vacuum cleaner.

Featuring a range of high-tech features to help make your housework easier. Steer past obstacles and remove pet hairs with ease thanks to Dyson’s Ball technology and the tangle-free turbine tool.

Cleaning your home shouldn’t be an obstacle course around sofas and chairs. Thanks to the innovative Dyson Ball technology that allows you to steer around furniture with ease.

The powerful Motobar cleaner head.
Sucks up pet hair fast. Automatically de-tangles.The powerful MotobarTM cleaner head cleans deep into carpets and seals in suction oni hard floors. Engineered for homes with pets.
The Motorbar cleaner head.

MotorbarTM cleaner head with hair removal vanes

Sucks up pet hair fast. Hair removal vanes automatically clear wrapped hair as it cleans.
The Radial Root Cyclone technology.

Radial Root CycloneTM technology

No loss of suction. Radial Root CycloneTM technology delivers strong suction from start to finish. Optimised airflow captures dust and allergens in the bin.
Advanced filtration expels cleaner air.

Advanced filtration

Washable post-motor filter traps 99.97+#37; of particles as small as 0.3 microns – as small as bacteria. Expels cleaner air.3

All Features

The Motorbar cleaner head handles every floor type.

Variable suction control for every floor type

3 cleaner head modes handle different tasks around your home. Adjust the suction to suit the task in hand.
The Stiff nylon bristles in the Motorbar cleaner head.

Nylon bristles

Stiff, dense nylon bristles agitate and remove stubborn dirt and pet hair from carpets and rugs.
The Dyson Ball steers smoothly around furniture with a gentle turn of the wrist.

Rides on a ball

Dyson BallTM technology is ergonomically designed for more comfortable vacuuming. Steer smoothly around furniture with a gentle turn of the wrist.
The hose stretches a total of 14  metres.

Stretches a total of 14m

4m of hose stretch makes light work of cleaning stairs from top to bottom. Up to 10m of extra-long cord reaches even further.
Instant-release wand.

Instant-release wand

Instant-release wand and long-reach hose release smoothly, so it's easy to clean up high, and down and around.
The Tangle-free turbine tool.

Tangle-free turbine tool

Removes hairs from carpets and upholstery without tangling. Preventing them becoming wrapped and affecting performance.
The Combination tool.

Combination tool

Flexible cleaning for hard-to-reach areas.
The Stair tool.

Stair tool

Designed for simple, effective cleaning on stairs.
Dirt is hygienically ejected at the touch of a button.

Hygienic bin emptying

Dirt is hygienically ejected at the touch of a button – so there’s no need to get your hands dirty. The large bin means you can clean longer before emptying.


3 Filtration tested to ASTM F1977 in Boost mode at the inlet. Allergen capture tested by an independent third-party lab.

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Manufacturer Dyson
Number of Powerlevels 1
Product Type Upright Vacuum Cleaner
Cablelength 9.4m
Colour Silver/Grey
Height 105.8cm
Width 28cm
Depth 38.6cm
Weight (Approximate) 7kg
Filter Type Washable,multi-Stage Filtration
Pet Hair Cleaning
Dust Collection Bagless
Floor Type CarpetStoneTilelaminateParquetUpholstery
Attachments Articulating handleCombi toolStair tool
Features Dyson illumination reveals invisible dust 99.97+#37; to 0.3microns filtration 12 cyclones motorbarTM cleaner head with hair removal vanes Tool/Accessories: Articulating handle, combi tool, Stair tool, Tangle-free turbine tool
Shipping Height 92.6cm
Shipping Width 24.1cm
Shipping Depth 29.4cm
More Information
Manufacturer Dyson
GTIN 5025155069653
Description2 <table class="zebra-table"><br/> <tbody><br/> <tr><br/> <td>Manufacturer</td><br/> <td>Dyson</td><br/> </tr><br/> <tr><br/> <td>Model</td><br/> <td>BALLANIMALNEW</td><br/> </tr><br/> <tr><br/> <td>Number of Powerlevels</td><br/> <td>1</td><br/> </tr><br/> <tr><br/> <td>Product Type</td><br/> <td>Upright Vacuum Cleaner</td><br/> </tr><br/> <tr><br/> <td>Cablelength</td><br/> <td>9.4m</td><br/> </tr><br/> <tr><br/> <td>Cordless</td><br/> <td><span class="icon-close" style="color:red;"></td><br/> </tr><br/> <tr><br/> <td>Colour</td><br/> <td>Silver/Grey</td><br/> </tr><br/> <tr><br/> <td>Height</td><br/> <td>105.8cm</td><br/> </tr><br/> <tr><br/> <td>Width</td><br/> <td>28cm</td><br/> </tr><br/> <tr><br/> <td>Depth</td><br/> <td>38.6cm</td><br/> </tr><br/> <tr><br/> <td>Weight (Approximate)</td><br/> <td>7kg</td><br/> </tr><br/> <tr><br/> <td>Filter Type</td><br/> <td>Washable,multi-Stage Filtration</td><br/> </tr><br/> <tr><br/> <td>Pet Hair Cleaning</td><br/> <td><span class="icon-tick" style="color:green;"></td><br/> </tr><br/> <tr><br/> <td>Dust Collection</td><br/> <td>Bagless</td><br/> </tr><br/> <tr><br/> <td>Floor Type</td><br/> <td>Carpet<br />Stone<br />Tile<br />laminate<br />Parquet<br />Upholstery</td><br/> </tr><br/> <tr><br/> <td>Attachments</td><br/> <td>Articulating handle<br />Combi tool<br />Stair tool</td><br/> </tr><br/> <tr><br/> <td>Features</td><br/> <td>Dyson illumination reveals invisible dust<br/> <br />99.97+#37; to 0.3microns filtration<br/> <br />12 cyclones<br/> <br />motorbar<sup>TM</sup> cleaner head with hair removal vanes<br/> <br />Tool/Accessories: Articulating handle, combi tool, Stair tool, Tangle-free turbine tool</td><br/> </tr><br/> <tr><br/> <td>Shipping Height</td><br/> <td>92.6cm</td><br/> </tr><br/> <tr><br/> <td>Shipping Width</td><br/> <td>24.1cm</td><br/> </tr><br/> <tr><br/> <td>Shipping Depth</td><br/> <td>29.4cm</td><br/> </tr><br/> </tbody><br/></table>
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