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Dyson V8-2023 Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner - 40 Minutes Run Time - Silver

  • Depth22.1 cm
  • FeaturesUp to 40 minutes run time, Set of tools included for whole-home cleaning, Powered by Dyson's Digital Motor
  • Height (cm)125.6 cm
  • Key Feature 1Up to 40 minutes run time
  • Key Feature 2Set of tools included for whole-home cleaning
  • Key Feature 3Powered by Dyson's Digital Motor
  • Number of Power Levels2
  • Shipping Depth73.9 cm
  • Shipping Height15.4 cm
  • Shipping Weight3.9 kg
  • Shipping Width27.1 cm
  • Weight2.56 kg
  • Manufacturer Guarantee1 year
  • EAN5025155081846

Quickly Clean with V8-2023

With the Dyson V8 2023, it’s like having multiple vacuum cleaners in one. Quickly transform it to reach higher areas or use it as a handheld for those hard-to-reach places. The powerful digital motor spins up to 110,000rpm for fade-free power where you need it. With a 40-minute run time, you’ll have enough time to clean the whole house. And, with a range of tools included, you’ll never miss a spec of dust, dirt, and hair again.

Vacuuming up in the living room.

Powerful, versatile and low noise. With de-tangling technology

Exploded diagram revealing the powerful electric motor.

Powerful fade-free suction

The Dyson digital motor V8 spins at up to 110,000rpm generating 115 Air Watts of powerful Dyson suction to deep clean your whole home.

The Motorbar cleaner head cleaning up on carpet and hard flooring.

De-tangling MotorbarTM cleaner head

Powerfully sucks up dirt, dust and hair from all floor types. Stiff nylon bristles clean deep into rugs and carpets to remove ground-in dirt. Black anti-static carbon fibre filaments extract dust from hard floors.

A cutaway showing the Motorbar cleaner head cleaning up hair from carpet and hard flooring.

Engineered for homes with pets

Dyson's hair de-tangling technology removes stubborn long hair and pet hair from all around your home. Hair removal vanes inside the de-tangling MotorbarTM cleaner head automatically clear wrapped hair from the brush bar as you clean.

A cutaway showing the engineering to reduce noise.

Low noise

Engineered for low noise. Streamlined airways and open-cell foam direct airflow around the motor to reduce noise. Fluted funnel and baffle block sound. Acoustic felt and closed-cell foam absorb vibrations.

Cutaway diagram revealing the six-cell battery pack powering up the motor.

Up to 40 minutes run time1

Advanced six-cell battery has the fade-free power to clean here, there and everywhere around your home and car.

Whole-machine advanced filtration

Dyson's fully-sealed filtration system captures dust and seals in 99.99% of microscopic particles as small as 0.3 microns2.

Exploded diagram revealing the powerful cyclones in the V8-2023's bin.

Bin Cyclone

Powerful centrifugal forces separate dust, dirt and hair from the airflow.

Cutaway diagram revealing the metal mesh filter within.

Metal Mesh Filter

The stainless steel filter has 15,557 square holes, filtering out anything over 400 microns.

Cutaway diagram revealing the 15 cyclones of the V8-2023.

Powerful Cyclones

15 cyclones generate forces of up to 47,000g to remove dust from the airflow – so there's no loss of suction.

Cutaway diagram revealing the electrostatically charged filter of the V8-2023.

Pre-motor Filter

Electrostatically charged layer attracts smaller particles that would otherwise pass through.

Cutaway diagram revealing the tightly corrugated filter wrapped around the motor.

Post-motor Filter

1.5m of PTFE folded 158 times traps 99.99% of particles down to 0.3 microns, so you don't breathe them in.*

Key Features

Two power modes.

The right power where you need it

Easily switch between two power modes as you clean.
The V8-2023 can easily reach up to the ceiling without upi stretching up.

Easily reaches up high

Lightweight and ergonomic to clean high-up places with one smooth motion.
The V8-2023 is easily lifted up as a hand-held to clean-up the crumbs from a table-top.

Lightweight versatility

For everyday, quick cleans. Easily transforms into a handheld vacuum – for all around your home and car.
A line diagram demonstrating how the motor and battery are sited very close to the handle's centre of gravity.

Ergonomic efficiency

The motor and battery are positioned around the handle, creating the optimum center of gravity for floor-to-ceiling cleaning.
The V8-2023 can be used easily on the stairs.

Combination tool

Two tools in one – wide nozzle and brush for quick switching between cleaning and dusting tasks around your home or car.
Using a crevice tool to vacuum up dirt between two cabinets.

Crevice Tool

Engineered for precise cleaning around tricky edges and into hard-to-reach narrow spaces.
Emptying the V8-2023 into a waste bin without touching its dirty contents.

No-touch bin emptying

The motor and battery are positioned around the handle, creating the optimum center of gravity for floor-to-ceiling cleaning.
The V8-2023 can be used easily stored and charged up at the same time.

Neatly stores and charges

Always handy on the wall-mounted charging dock, your Dyson V8TM 2023 vacuum is easy to store – and ready to go when you need it.

In The Box

The Dyson V8 2023 in silver.

Dyson V8TM 2023 in Silver

A Motorbar cleaner head.

De-tangling MotorbarTM Cleaner Head

A Combination tool.

Combination Tool

A Crevice tool.

Crevice tool

A Wall Dock.

Wall DockTM

A Charger.


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Manufacturer Dyson
Model V8 2023
Product Type Stick Vacuum Cleaner
Cyclone technology 15 cyclones
Filtration Whole-machine filtration
Cyclonic Technology
Bin Volume 0.54L
Maximum Battery Run Time Up to 40mins
Maximum Battery Recharge Time 5hrs
Colour Silver
Height 125.6cm
Width 25cm
Length 22.1cm
Weight (Approximate) 2.5kg
Washable filter
Dust Collection Bagless
Floor Type CarpetStoneTileLaminateParquetUpholstery
Attachments Crevice nozzleCombination toolWall Dock
Features Technology: Dyson's Digital Motor, 15 CyclonesFiltration: 99.99% up to 0.3micronsMotorbarTM CleanerheadTools/Accessories: Combination tool, Crevice tool, Docking station
More Information
Manufacturer Dyson
GTIN 5025155081846
Model Number V8-2023
Description2 <table class="zebra-table"><br/> <tbody><br/> <tr><br/> <td>Manufacturer</td><br/> <td>Dyson</td><br/> </tr><br/> <tr><br/> <td>Model</td><br/> <td>V8 2023</td><br/> </tr><br/> <tr><br/> <td>Product Type</td><br/> <td>Stick Vacuum Cleaner</td><br/> </tr><br/> <tr><br/> <td>Cyclone technology</td><br/> <td>15 cyclones</td><br/> </tr><br/> <tr><br/> <td>Filtration</td><br/> <td>Whole-machine filtration</td><br/> </tr><br/> <tr><br/> <td>Cyclonic Technology</td><br/> <td><span class="icon-tick" style="color:green;"></span></td><br/> </tr><br/> <tr><br/> <td>Cordless</td><br/> <td><span class="icon-tick" style="color:green;"></span></td><br/> </tr><br/> <tr><br/> <td>Bin Volume</td><br/> <td>0.54L</td><br/> </tr><br/> <tr><br/> <td>Maximum Battery Run Time</td><br/> <td>Up to 40mins</td><br/> </tr><br/> <tr><br/> <td>Maximum Battery Recharge Time</td><br/> <td>5hrs</td><br/> </tr><br/> <tr><br/> <td>Colour</td><br/> <td>Silver</td><br/> </tr><br/> <tr><br/> <td>Height</td><br/> <td>125.6cm</td><br/> </tr><br/> <tr><br/> <td>Width</td><br/> <td>25cm</td><br/> </tr><br/> <tr><br/> <td>Length</td><br/> <td>22.1cm</td><br/> </tr><br/> <tr><br/> <td>Weight (Approximate)</td><br/> <td>2.5kg</td><br/> </tr><br/> <tr><br/> <td>Washable filter</td><br/> <td><span class="icon-tick" style="color:green;"></span></td><br/> </tr><br/> <tr><br/> <td>Dust Collection</td><br/> <td>Bagless</td><br/> </tr><br/> <tr><br/> <td>Floor Type</td><br/> <td>Carpet<br />Stone<br />Tile<br />Laminate<br />Parquet<br />Upholstery</td><br/> </tr><br/> <tr><br/> <td>Attachments</td><br/> <td>Crevice nozzle<br />Combination tool<br />Wall Dock</td><br/> </tr><br/> <tr><br/> <td>Features</td><br/> <td>Technology: Dyson's Digital Motor, 15 Cyclones<br />Filtration: 99.99% up to 0.3microns<br />Motorbar<sup>TM</sup> Cleanerhead<br />Tools/Accessories: Combination tool, Crevice tool, Docking station</td><br/> </tr><br/> </tbody><br/></table>
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